Ubuntu configure DNS for development enviroment

Really hate to add domains to /etc/hosts, then to apache virtual hosts etc only for get enviroment for work.

My idea is to configure DNS to resolve any subdomains so i will never ever need to edit hosts file.

Firs of all dns must be installed, i used

sudo tasksel

then choose DNS server and press OK.

It may be installed via:

sudo apt-get install bind9

So now we have own local DNS server, and need to add domain

sudo nano /etc/bind/named.conf.local

And add to it something like this:

zone "x51rl.example.org.ua" {
        type master;
        file "/etc/bind/db.x51rl.example.org.ua";

Now we need file to describe this zone

sudo cp /etc/bind/db.local /etc/bind/db.x51rl.example.org.ua

Now edit this file, replace localhost to x51rl.example.org.ua, and add wildcard zone

mac@x51rl:/$ cat /etc/bind/db.x51rl.example.org.ua
; BIND data file for local loopback interface
$TTL    604800
@   IN  SOA x51rl.example.org.ua. root.x51rl.example.org.ua. (
                    2     ; Serial
                604800     ; Refresh
                86400     ; Retry
            2419200     ; Expire
                604800 )   ; Negative Cache TTL
@   IN  NS  x51rl.example.org.ua.
@   IN  A
@   IN  AAAA    ::1
*.x51rl.example.org.ua. IN A

Now when all done, u may check that all is working with:

named-checkzone x51rl.example.org.ua /etc/bind/db.x51rl.example.org.ua

And if all ok, restart bind:

sudo /etc/init.d/bind9 restart

Now this command must work:

nslookup aaa.bbb.x51rl.mam.org.ua

If u using dhcp in your network, it will owervrite your resolv.conf, so edit:

sudo nano /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf

and uncomment line

prepend domain-name-servers;

now after restarting networking u will be able to ping any subdomain.

All that left is to configure Apache Mass Virtual Hosting