Yahoo pipes get one item per day

As example we have very big rss feed and want to get one item per day. All item in feed do not have any pudDate.


dateinput - will contain default value of start date.

date formatter - %s - retruns unix timestamp.

simple math - subs both unix times, divides them by 86400 (seconds in day) and ads 1.

truncate - cuts feed from begginning to our values (will be 1 - in first day, 2 - second ...)

tail - returns last item.

More complex example

We have xml like this one:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <item>Some text 1</item>
    <item>Some text 2</item>
    <item>Some text 3</item>
    <item>Some text 4</item>
    <item>Some text 1000</item>

And want to get rss that will retrive one item per day from start date.


In this example you may see how to use string regex, generate pseudo random number, work with dates, string, numbers, how to format date, and how to work with loop module.